Medium Voltage - SSW7000

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The soft-starters SSW7000 operates on the acceleration/deceleration and on the protection of medium voltage three-phase induction motors. This Soft-Starter is available on 2,3 kV up to 13,8 kV voltage range, attending applications that requires 300 HP up to 16300 HP power range.

Developed to ensure excellent performance, the SSW7000 application minimize the current surges on the motor starting, prevents mechanical shocks on the load and on the motor, eliminate the water hammer during the pump stopping, and protects the electrical motor. Consequently it helps on the money saving, reducing significatly the expenses of maintenance of bearings, couplings, gear boxes, pulleys, belts and chains, electrical circuits, an so on.

Hence the SSW7000 is the complete prepackaged and engineered solution within security and reliability for several applications and for diversificated industrial segments.

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Complete and Versatile Solution

The SSW7000 soft-starters are static starters that allows to accelerate, decelerate and protect medium voltage three-phase induction motors. The control of the voltage applied to the motor by means of adjustments to the firing angle of thyristors allows the soft-starter to start and stop an electric motor smoothly, also allowing the reduction of impacts of inrush current on the power supply and impacts of mechanical shocks on the load and the coupling. Thus, is possible to elimiante the inrush current to the power supply and the mechanical schocks for the load up to the couplings.

Avaliable Protections (Standard)

Under/overcurrent and current imbalance, under/overvoltage and voltage imbalance, under/overtorque and active overpower, phase loss, inverted phase sequence, power arm overtemperature, motor overload, motor overtemperature (optional), external fault, ground fault by voltage or by current, power arm faults, power contactor faults, control board faults, communication fault of the HMI and between control boards, communication network faults, programming error.

For more details and more implemented functions, refer to the programming manual.


  • 6 modes of smooth starting/stopping preprogrammed, considering the technology of the TFTC - "Totally Flexible Torque Control" developed by WEG (which uses the vector control and control of direct torque concepts, based on technologies developed and applied for the vector frequency inverters) providing  a linear speed ramp according to the load type applied to the motor;
  • User friendly configuration and operation;
  • Oriented Startup function presents minimum programming sequence to commence the operation;
  • SuperDrive PC software (license-free) for the Soft-Starter SSW7000 programming / operation / monitoring;
  • Motor protection built-in in the standard cabinet (eliminating the need of extra protection relays);
  • Ground Fault Protection - Standard;
  • Input secctioning/protection integrated (line contactor or circuit breaker);
  • Heavy duty design up to 50 °C ambient temperature;
  • Reduction of power demand during the starting;
  • Reduction of inrush current on the power supply during the starting;
  • Reduction of mechanical shocks during the starting;
  • Reduction of mechanical stress on the load and on the coupling;
  • Increase the desing life of the motor, mechanical and electrical systems;
  • Standard/customized project under customer requirements following the application characteristics.

Main Characteristics

  • Power Range: 300 HP up to 16.300 HP (235kW up to 12.200 kW);
  • Motor Voltage: 2.3 kV up to 13.8 kV;
  • Output current: 70 A, 125 A, 180 A, 250 A, 300 A, 360 A, 400 A, 500 A e 600 A (other power / output currents - please consult);
  • Main input: switch + contactor (fixed) / circuit breaker (withdrawable) (medium voltage fuses for the input protection, for the switch + contactor configuration);
  • Integrated bypass: contactor (fixed) / circuit breaker (fixed) (main and bypass contactors/circuit breakers: vacuum insulated);
  • Main and Bypass vacuum contactors/circuit breakers able to perform DOL start;
  • Protection degree: IP41, IP54 and NEMA 12 (option for outdoor solution - please consult);
  • Complete isolation between LV (control) and MV (power) compartments, communicating vía fiber optics;
  • Possibility to interconnect the power supply between the SSW7000 with electrical bars;
  • Frontal access (no need of back access);
  • Easy installation and suitable for retrofits;
  • 310.000 hours MTBF; 8 hours MTTR;
  • Ground Fault Protection by Voltage or by Current;
  • Active protection for the motor in DOL mode;
  • 6 start modes: torque control, pump control, current ramp, voltage ramp, current limit, arranque directo;
  • Operating interface (HMI) with graphic LCD;
  • Real-time clock (applicable for the alarm report list and also for the SoftPLC programming);
  • SoftPLC function (allows PLC funtions to the SSW7000 control);
  • USB connection to PC (for parameters edition and SoftPLC function edition);
  • Licence-free software SuperDrive and WLP;
  • Communication boards and accessories can be easily and quickly installed by using the Plug & Play concept.

Plug & Play Philosophy

The accessories are based on the Plug & Play philosophy, that is, they are automatically configured when connected to the SSW7000, ensuring a faster and easier installation.


Flash memory module, network communication boards DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, Ethernet and Modbus, RS232 or RS485 interface, motor thermal protection - Pt-100 - 8 channels.

Human Machine Interface - HMI

Navigation is similar to the logic used in cell phones, with the option of sequential access the groups (Menu) by means of the function access keys on the display (soft keys). It is also possible to install a multi-language touch screen HMI.


Pumps, blowers, fans, compressors, exhausters, conveyors and choppers.




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