8 August 2013

WEG – Precision in Automation

WEG has long had a reputation as a world class manufacturer of electric motors, but WEG is also a world leader in innovation in Automation products. WEG has a comprehensive offering of Low Voltage Variable Frequency Drives offering motor control from ¼ HP up to 600 HP and Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives for electric motors up to 4,500 HP. WEG Low Voltage Soft Starters offer a similarly impressive range of products, from ¾ HP to 2,500 HP. WEG has also launched a Medium Voltage Soft Starter line to provide starting and stopping options for medium voltage motors up to 5,000 HP. WEG invests a significant amount of money into research and development annually (2.4% of total revenue in 2010). Much of this is used in research into improving motor control. WEG has also invested heavily in making sure that their manufacturing facilities are counted among the most technologically advanced in the world. Here is a virtual factory tour of WEG’s Automation manufacturing.