26 May 2014

WEG supplies one of the world's largest copper mine projects

WEG has supplied MV motors of H- and M-line to drive production facilities at the Bozshakol Clay Project in Kazakhstan. Over 50 of WEG’s H- and M-line motors have been chosen to drive production facilities at the l ...Read More

14 February 2014

WEG helps equip Brazilian bus with 100% battery drive

The Brazilian city of São Bernardo do Campo in São Paulo State has seen the launch of its first bus to be powered totally by electric battery. Driven by an 18-metre long battery, which is believed to be the first of it ...Read More

31 January 2014

WEG Products for Pumps

WEG provides many different products for pump OEM’s. WEG low and medium voltage electric motors provide a wide range of voltages and outputs. Low and medium voltage Variable Frequency Drives give speed control of motor ...Read More

23 January 2014

WEG For Consulting Engineers

WEG and V.J. Pamensky Canada Inc. understand the importance of Consulting Engineers and EPC’s and have worked to build solid relationships and trust with Engineering firms across Canada. WEG offers a wide range of pr ...Read More

9 December 2013

WEG founders named newest Forbes billionaires

Forbes has named the founders of WEG as the newest members of their World's Richest list. Werner Ricardo Voigt, Eggon Joao da Silva and Geraldo Werninghaus founded WEG (then called Eletromotores Jaragua Ltda.) in 1961 in ...Read More